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    Indesign Interface icons and fonts are too small

    Dabatross Level 1



      I know this question has been asked before but when will Adobe be updating Indesign and the other Adobe Suite programs to have different options for the interface sizing? Currently the only options to increase interface text size are in photoshop (and even this could have more options to increase icon size, fonts, etc) and then theres the experimental feature only available on windows which scales the interface by 200% which is actually too big. This should be a top priority for Adobe since its been a complaint for years now and still has not been resolved. Its not that my eyes are bad, or that I need prescription glasses, its the simple fact that the interface is so small that I either have to sit really close to the screen to see it which Im not going to or use the zoom features on Mac OSX accessibility to see the icons when I have to click them. This is ridiculous to think about when this program should be accessible to the people using it.


      You should be able to change the sizing of the toolbars, the icons in the toolbars, the toolbar font sizes, and anything else related to the user interface so it is comfortable to use. Im using indesign CC right now on mac osx yosemite and the font sizes and toolbar icons are so small that unless I lean into the screen to see them or use the zoom features on Mac its uncomfortable. When will this be resolved? Please, there are many many people over the years who have told you guys about this problem and nothing has been done about it. Please release it very soon in a future creative cloud update.. this is about your users feeling comfortable using these industry standard programs. I shouldn't have to look for alternatives or use zoom features to use Indesign or any other adobe suite programs. This needs to be fixed.


      Thank you