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    flow full page graphic with text

    posterns-design Level 1

      Working on a 200+ pg book in InDesign CC 2014. I need to place some PDF Charts that the client wants to appear on a full page, near where the text references it–so, for example, if the left hand page refers to the chart, the chart would be the full right hand page. I know how to do in-flow/anchored object, but if I insert it into the spot where the reference is, since it's full page it doesn't fit and the copy would stop at that point and continue after the inserted object. I want the copy on the left to continue down the page, but have my PDF somehow be anchored to the next page so that as additional text gets added earlier in the book, I don’t have to manually move the charts. The charts can be on a left or right page, but they all take up a full page. I tried one set as an anchored object with the PDF frame set to text wrap and and it sort of worked, but if there needs to be more than one reference on a page, ID won't let the next frame be offset to a page not on the spread.

      Hope this is clear and any suggestions, instructions, appreciated.