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    Jump to movie behavior

    nevereasy Level 1
      No matter what I do, I cannot get this behavior to work properly. I have made the smallest and simplest 2 movies with one marker on each movie, and still the behavior does not recognise that there is a marker in the destination movie.

      I have searched everywhere and am feeling very alone ... it seems that no one has ever had this problem:

      BEHAVIOR ERROR: [#frame: 20, #movie: "4.dir"], Sprite 0
      Behavior "Jump to Movie Button"
      There is no marker "three" in movie 3.dir. Enter a valid marker (see Message Window) in the Behaviour Parameters dialog.

      Something that I don't understand in this error message is why it is from "#frame: 20 " when it is really coming from frame 1 of movie: "4.dir"

      Something else I don't understand is the gNavigationButtonList. When I look at that in the message window, it only ever refers to frame numbers, never a frame name.

      These 2 latter points might help someone analyse this problem for me. I could also email the 2 tiny movies ( less than 70k each) if anyone has the time to help me.

      Thank you,