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    Images not showing when inserted in RH8 topics

    Bob_Shairulla Level 1

      Hello all,

      I am using RH8 for HTML on Windows 7.  When I insert a new image into a topic, the image does not show.  What appears is a small red square.  


      You probably want to know how I inserted the images.  I create the image (usu a jpg file) in Photoshop Elements.  Using Windows Explorer, I copy the image file into the Images folder for the RH project.  In the RH topic, I click Insert, Image.  In the dialog box,  the image does not show up under the images folder, so I click the Browse icon to browse to teh image, select it and click ok.   The image is inserted.. I can tell because there is a red square, and when I preview the topic, I can see the image is there. 


      Also, even after I have inserted the image, and it then shows up in the Images folder in the "insert image" dialog box, I still cant see a preview of it.


      How can I get the images to show in the topic when i insert them?