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    render out square pixels?

    straightlife Level 1

      When I render out of After Effects CC 2014, I ask for

      640X480 apple 422 square pixels (current settings)

      I get

      Pixel aspect NTSC - CCIR

      But I WANT

      pixel aspect square


      When I render out of FCP7 using Compressor, I can get all of the above WITH SQUARE pixels.


      I import a Compressor rendered clip into an FCP7 sequence with settings as above, and no render within fcp is necessary, and the Properties shows pixel-aspect Square

      I import an AE (with effects added to that SAME clip) rendered out with CURRENT settings into that SAME sequence and render IS necessary and Properties shows NTSC-CCIR



      Any way to render out with square pixels? I understand default in AE is square, so...

      What am I doing wrong?