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    Why is my font dropdown blinking in RH 11?

    Stubborn Puppet

      The Style, Font and Font Size dropdowns in the upper left of the RH11 window (above the project manager panel) begin blinking back and forth, in time with the cursor, as soon as more than one Design/HTML tab is opened.  Attempting to drop one of those menus to change the selection results in the scroller constantly jumping back to the currently selected option if I try to scroll and usually ends up causing RH to crash.


      I am on Windows 7 64bit.


      The project I'm currently experiencing this problem in was originally created in RH9.  I converted it to RH11.  When I first converted and opened this project yesterday, I did not experience this problem, this just started happening when I opened it this morning.  I did not notice any Windows updates in that time.