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    Mp4 animation scattering

    Riccardo Cav Level 1

      HI everyone,


      I created a simple animation in which vector graphics interact with background pictures.

      When I rendered it in mp4 I saw that in the resulting video graphics elements don't move smoothly: they scatter a lot and that's not the effect I was looking for. I would just like the graphics to follow the paths I drew (which they actually do when I watch the video in AE).

      Any idea on how to solve the problem?

      Thanks in advance

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          To me, the word "scatter" means, "breaking up into tiny pieces and speading all over the screen".

          What does "scatter" mean to YOU?  Please elaborate.


          Other things:

          The animation may not be moving smoothly because you chose a low frame rate for the AE comp.  What is it?

          If you're rendering mp4's directly from AE, don't.  Use Adobe Media Encoder to make them.

          If you're running AE on a computer with a Yosemite OS, that could be the problem.  Yosemite stinks.

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            Riccardo Cav Level 1

            Thank you very much Dave.

            Actually I shouldn't have used the verb scatter: the problem was more that graphic were not moving smoothly.

            As you suggested I used Media Encoder and the result is now very good. I didn't know this was the right way to export an After Effect animation, so thank you very much.

            All the best.