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    Should I be able to use InDesign CS3 on both partitions of my Mac -- Yosemite & Snow Leopard?

    Lriteval Level 1

      I've just had to upgrade my OS to 10.10.2 Yosemite from 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. I ended up having to partition my computer so I could still run 10.6.8 because some of my files were not making the transition well, and I only planned on keeping the extra partition on it until I had certain files converted, but now I find that InDesign on Yosemite won't open my old Pagemaker files that I'm still having to try to use and convert to InDesign. So I figured that I could just boot up in 10.6.8 and convert whatever files I needed, then go back to Yosemite. Unfortunately, for some reason InDesign won't open in 10.6.8 now, telling me that I either need to reinstall or call the Adobe support tech. Does anybody out there know whether it will work OK if I just simply reinstall InDesign on the old partition, and also, will it still work OK on both partitions? I’m going to have to be able to use InDesign on both for at least a few months while I go through all my old files on 10.6.8 and try to salvage however much I can, while at the same time doing any current work on Yosemite. Any help that anyone can give me will be very gratefully appreciated!