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    Frame Blending


      I have two questions. First, I am about to export a film with some slow motion in it. Will it be detrimental if I frame blend the entire film upon export or should I go ahead. If not, I could export the slow motion parts with frame blending and put them back in. Just wondering what's best.


      The other question relates more to pixel blending. We have used the de-noiser very heavily on some shots causing a blurry static flutter in them. I was hoping frame blending might help that, but it appears to me it doesn't apply to anything but time adjustment. Any ideas on how to alleviate that flutter?

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          which de-noiser effect are you using? if its causing a side effect, then it would be better to use another de-noiser, rather than try to fix a problem it creates.


          premiere has no real slow motion effect. it will either duplicate frames or frame blend. neither are good options for todays fast refresh rate monitors. if you still want to use frame blend, you can select the slow-mo clips in the timeline and right click to turn on frame blend just for those.  if you have access to after effects you can try the one in there, or look at third party plugins like twixtor.  if you shot high fps like 60, you can then slow mo that footage and premiere will have frames to work with, and wont need frame blend.

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            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

            What Ronin says, apply frame blend selectively to slow-mo clips on timeline, do not apply to the complete export, you won't like the results at all.