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    Moving Hyperlinks to new layers




      I have 2 layers in my magazine. The first one is the body and the second layer consists of 2 show/hide buttons that show/hide a multistate object.


      The 2 buttons and multi-state object are on the Master page, layer 2. The buttons are the size of the full screen so functionality can be accessed by tapping anywhere on screen.


      The problem:  The show/hide buttons are screen size and on layer two so now the hyper-links on the magazine don't work as they are on layer 1.


      If I have a hyper-link inside a text box, I can move the whole text box to a new layer 3. No problem. But these text boxes are sometimes large. Is there a way to move only the hyper-link text (say the word "LINK") to a new layer?


      The Hyper-link panel doesn't seem to have this functionality.





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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          There exists nothing like a Master Page Layer as Layers are document wide.

          A single word cannot be on a different layer than the rest of the text.

          Why are you covering the whole page with a button? Make the button on areas where nothing else is placed. Anything else makes no sense. And what do you want to achieve to have these buttons? To move forward to the next slide? For that you need no button, as many functions will cause to show the next page or previous page as PDF built in functionality.