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    Paragraph and Nested Character Style




      Moving from QuarkXpress to Indesign CS3 with a heavy heart, but I see the potential InDesign has. My learning process has just kicked off and I am here with my first question.


      Here is a process that I need to do after call text to a text frame:

      1. A paragraph style which sets body text.(font face, alignment, justification, left indent)
      2. Another paragraph style which sets the first paragraph only (removes left indent)
      3. A character style which alters text in a selection I make. (Capitalizes selected words, sets font/color)


      My first question: Can all the three steps I listed above be combined somehow, useable through a keyboard shortcut?


      Not possible?


      Second question: Can the step 2 and 3 be combined, useable through a keyboard shortcut?


      I nested the character style inside the second paragraph (2nd in the list above) to get things done. But the issue is that options in the Nested Styles do not allow a selection to be stylized by the character style which I am embedding inside the paragraph style. I have the option of styling as many words I want, but there is no option to stylize a selection. There are different number of words to be stylized every time I use the styles, so I cannot tell the nested style to affect how many words.


      The only way out could be that there is always a colon (:) at the end of the words which need to be changed. So is there way to tell the nested character style to stylize words until it finds a colon?


      That's it for now folks. Hoping to find some quick help

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          • Contrary to Quark Xpress don't use or you can't use Character Styles in the definition of a Paragraph style.
          • You can specify "Next Paragraph Style" which would change the paragraph style after a return. You can apply it via selecting several paragraphs and right mouse click on the style in the style panel or you can specify a Paragraph Style and next paragraph style in Object Styles.
          • Contrary to Quark Xpress, a Character Style is never defined completely, only the difference to the Paragraph Style is in its specification, e.g. in Quark Xpress you would have to define, font, color, size, caps and color, in InDesign you could limit it to Caps and Color and the same character Style could be used in any paragraph style regardless of the primary font definition, it would change any font and any size to Capes and color it.
          • You can specify a shortcut with the numeric keyboard to be applied to any style.
          • You can specify any character in the Nested Style section of the paragraph style to be used as up to or including to, to change to a different Character Style. Write in the character you want to be the limitter. E.g. if you write in :;,— and say after 1 os it would change the character style until one of the  :;,—appears, if you write 2, 2 of one of them is to appear. Alternative: You can set up a GREP style, a little bit more complicated but with more opportunities.
          • If always the same text comes before the colon (:) you can set it up as numbered list without a number, so these words would be included as part of the paragraph style.
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            SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You can also add a "End Nested Style Here" character to define where your character style ends.

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              Maxal123 Level 1

              Thank you Willi for the detailed reply. I am already finding InDesign better than Quark in many ways, especially GREP. As you mentioned that it's a bit complicated, but it does add a huge functionality to the application. Being a Quark user, I find lots of things common between the top apps, but still InDesign looks way better than Quark. You have mentioned about "limitars." I would want to know how I tell the nested style sheet to do something till it finds a colon. I want the colon to be included in the range which will be stylized by the character style.

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                When you set up a nested style you can choose in the drop down menu between up to and (I don't have the English wording now) to include this letter.

                The other field gives you a number, let's say you insert 3 and instead of word you write :,.! This would mean after (or included) ::: or :,. or !!! or any other combination the style will change. These characters can be anywhere between the paragraph begins and the appearance of the 3rd occurrence of any of these characters.


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                  Maxal123 Level 1

                  Thanx Willi for the demonstration. It made everything clear