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    Printing only 2 inches of image on paper.

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      I'm printing from Lightroom CC in the Print module on an Epson 3880.  I just successfully printed a photo on 13 x 19 paper.  When I tried to print a second copy of the same image and didn't change any setting, the print came out with only 2 inches of the bottom of the image.  The edges of that image are clear just like they would be if the entire image printed out.  The rest of the paper is blank.  I called Epson and tech support person told me that because I have image in the Preview window in the upper left hand corner of Lightroom, I will have no image printed.  However I do have a partial image printed.


      I'm using a MAC 10.9.5.  All my software is up to date.


      Anyone have an idea what's causing the problem??   Thanks for your help.