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    Remove Powered By Logo

      I am using the Skinny on Skins document to try and remove the Powered By RoboHelp icon from my project. I am attempting to edit the file so that every WebHelp folder that is generated will contain the change.

      Unfortunately, I am unable to locate the folder with the skin. I am using the Cool Blue skin, so I assume that I need to edit the Cool_Blue.skn file.

      Has something changed in RoboHelp 6.0 that this trick is no longer available?

      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          HWHomberg Level 1
          Are you looking in your project in the .../!SkinSubFolder!/Skinname directory? Your .skn file will be in there and not in your output directories.
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            Level 1
            Thanks for your response! I was looking in that folder, but I was hoping that there was a setting that would affect ALL other RoboHelp projects - a global setting of some sort.

            I guess I was mistaken, hey?
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              HWHomberg Level 1
              I see, a global setting.

              Aside from copying your modified .skn file to each of the other project's ...\!SkinSubFolder!\Skinname directories, I'm not sure what else you can try.

              I suppose you could go into each of the other projects and then import your modified .skn file, then have the project use that.

              That would still leave you opening each project individually and making the change, though, without a built-in global solution to apply it to all of your projects.