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    Table of contents at an angle

    psmudger Level 1

      I was recently given a style guide to repro and the designer had made the (Typed) table of contents frame angled at 10 degrees.


      As a matter of course I convert long documents to use paragraph and character styles and then re-generate the TOC so that it is clickable in the final PDF. On this particular document, and subsequently in tests, it didn't like the TOC frame being at 10 degrees. If I clicked the to go to page 5 it was jumping to page 6. If I actually clicked on the page number 5 (the frame is angled so it is higher on the right) it would go to page 5 but clicking on the content description at the left hand side of the box would take me to page 6. So it's sort of treating the lines as if they were straight.


      Surely this is a bug. Can others try this please? I can't straighten the frame as it is an artistic style guide and has been designed to look like a post-it note.


      Using InDesign CC 9.3


      Many thanks for any help.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I think it is not a bug. The problem is, that the URL in a PDF can only be in a rectangle, polygonal formed URLs are not possible. So turning a TOC will cause problems with the enveloping URL rectangles, because these cannot be rotated as the text can. It is a limitation from the PDF standard, not a bug from InDesign.

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            psmudger Level 1

            Okey dokey. Thank you for checking.


            I understand your reply and the reasons why..... just disappointing as now renders this TOC useless and hence no interactivity for the user unless the designer agrees to straighten the table. Which they won't.


            Thanks for your help, at least it's not just me or something I'm doing wrong.


            Many thanks