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    IDML Fatal Error

    Sarankup Level 1



      We deal a few hundreds of InDesign documents everyday. For our workflow requirements, we need to (1) export the InDesign document as IDML, and (2) edit few contents in IDML, and then (3) open the IDML back as InDesign document to generate PDF.


      At this point, I try only (1) and (2) processes. I have exported a few InDesign documents as IDML, and unzip the IDML using the below Adobe script.

      var fromIDMLFile = new File( "~/Desktop/blankDoc.idml" );

      var toFolder = new Folder( "~/Desktop/blankDocUnpackaged" );

      app.unpackageUCF( fromIDMLFile, toFolder );


      Then, I zip the unzipped contents using the below Adobe script.

      var fromFolder = new Folder( "~/Desktop/blankDocUnpackaged" );

      var toIDMLFile = new File( "~/Desktop/blankDocUnpackagedRepackaged.idml" );

      app.packageUCF( fromFolder, toIDMLFile );


      When I open the IDML file in InDesign, InDesign got crash. I tried the whole activity around various 5 computers but none of them open the file. Please note that we use XML first workflow in InDesign. Please note that, I not even edit anything in the unzipped contents.


      Please advise how to solve the issue.