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    RoboHelp Strips Code Out of <head> Tag

      Apparently, in order to create help files that work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, I was told by one of our software engineers that I need to insert the following snippet into the <head> tag of the HTML files used to create our CHM help file:

      <MSHelp:Keyword Index="F" Term="utilname" />
      <MSHelp:Attr Name="Locale" Value="kbEnglish"/>
      <MSHelp:Attr Name="TopicType" Value="kbSyntax"/>
      <MSHelp:Attr Name="DocSet" Value="utilname"/>
      <MSHelp:Attr Name="DevLang" Value="C++"/>
      <MSHelp:Attr Name="TargetOS" Value="Windows"/>

      Where "utilname" is replaced by the topic ID.

      The problem is, whenever I do this, RoboHelp HTML X5 immediately strips this code out of the header.

      Does anyone know why RoboHelp is doing this, and if there's any way of preventing it from doing so?