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    Get out of memory error when linking Frame doc to RoboHelp project


      I just upgraded to TC Suite 5.


      Now I'm trying to link FrameMaker files to my RoboHelp project. The FrameMaker files are from a document that was done in Frame 9 (TC Suite 3.5) and now has been converted to Frame 11. It's working fine in Frame 11. No errors when opening any of the files in Frame 11.


      I created a new project in RH 11 and tried linking the FM files to it. Some work, but some bring on an Out of Memory message. Interestingly, one file that is 68MB worked fine, one file that's only 58MB brings that message.


      I'm going to try using an Externalize Graphics addon that worked well with the old Frame--I can only hope it works with FM 11 now.


      Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening, and any solutions besides externalizing the graphics and trying to reduce the file size?