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    Scalability and Architecture Question

      I am currently working on an app that will generate a resume from a set of user defined input into several different formats from an XML file (MS Word, PDF, TXT, HR-XML, and HTML). We are thinking that we will write all the files once at publish time and then store them (not sure where yet). We are doing this because we will be hosting the online version of the resume as a CFM file with access to all the other formats of the resume from their online resume. We are assuming that there will be many more reads then their will be writes over the life of the resume. So we don't want to compile these each time a user requests one (that is a Word, PDF, HTML, or HR-XML version).

      The question I have now is should we store the files in the database or the webserver.
      I would think that it makes sense to store them on the webserver. But as this will need to be in a clustered environment then I will need to replicate these across the farm as each new user creates a resume. So does anyone know if the penalty for replicating these across the farm is higher then calling them from database. Assuming that the average file size is 50K and on average 50 files will be called over the life of the resume. Thoughts?