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    FrameMaker 11 losing graphics when converting Frame 9 files

    JayHBar Level 1

      I just got the new TC suite 5. I used to have TC suite 3.5.


      I have many documents created in FrameMaker 9 from TC 3.5. Now, when I convert them to the new FM 11, randomly graphics that were Imported by Copy into the document are suddenly showing up missing. FM 11 is trying to find them in the original folders I inserted them from, which are unfortunately long gone.


      The first few times it happened I thought it was my mistake. But a document that I'd opened in FM 11 and worked fine suddenly came up searching for some graphics, and they're graphics I'd inserted several versions ago, so now I know that it's not my error. For some reason, Frame 11 is deciding that some graphics imported by copying into the document many versions ago were imported by reference.


      Any thoughts? How can I report this to Adobe?