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    InDesign CS6 & CC - form field PDF output very erratic, unusable, disappointing ...failure.

    Val des Monts


      Until very recently, my workflow has been to add the form fields in Acrobat. However due to problems getting form fields to tag properly in this workflow the client has requested that the form fields be added in InDesign which on one page or very simple tests forms appeared to work fine. Based on successful tests with single page test documents we embarked on a much larger job with a very false sense of confidence


      I've just spent several days adding complex form fields to a 26 page form in multiple languages which includes text fields, check boxes and combo boxes. When output as an interactive PDF, several of the text fields and combo boxes do not highlight as form fields, but when clicked on repeatedly sometimes behave as check boxes, not as text input fields and sometimes highlight as a field when moused over, but are otherwise inert. I have tried using both text frames and images frames to create the text fields from indesign with similar results.


      Check boxes sometimes work, in other cases, give an "on" value rather than a check mark which disappears when you click on another check box or move your curser off the check box.
      d as being capable of


      I've spent several days now, reinstalling software, downloading the CC trial version to see if a later version would give better results, Outpting single pages, smaller page batches but nothing I have tried has improved this problem. The results are basically unusable, which is a major disappointment because it means that InDesign is incapable of performing a task it is advertised as being capable of. I am about to begin the tedious task of rebuilding this form in acrobat, but hope that someone from adobe will be willing to weigh in on this subject. If needed I can provide both the source files and the disappointing results.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions on salvaging something from this situation