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    Unloading External Video FLV

      I've got an image on the stage that I wish to replace with an external video (.flv) clip. At the end of the clip I want the image to be visible again and the video to clear.

      Here is how I've set it up so far:
      1) I've placed an instance of dan_mc on the stage which is an image.
      2) I've created a Video symbol in the Library that I've named videoHolder_video that is actionscript controled.
      3) Using the Flv Encoder, I've encoded a short video clip, I've embeded an Event cuePoint at the end of the video and named it "end".
      4) I've placed two buttons on the stage: play_btn & remove_btn
      5) on the actions frame I've placed the attached code:

      Problem I'm having:
      Everything works except for the videoHolder_video does not get cleared at the end. Original image is visible again, and trace action is executed telling me that the if statement is detecting the "end" cuePoint. Additionaly I added a function to the remove_btn to test the videoHolder_video.clear() command and it works if I use the remove_btn. So I'm at a loss why the videoHolder_video does not clear when the play_btn is used. Any input would be helpful. Thank you,