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    Educational Pricing for Std

    Bill@VT Level 7

      Was trying to answer a question on the Adobe forum and was checking the educational pricing for Acrobat Std. I went to the site and said buy (PDF creator, edit PDF | Adobe Acrobat XI subscription) and the price was the regular full $299. Apparently there is a link broken that should take the user to the educational pricing (Pro is only $119). Not sure where to report this. Adobe has no contact webmaster link on their pages.

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          Can't find the edit button in this forum. Oh well.


          I went back to the site and it is just a matter of being confusing. There is a buy button that I had clicked that took me to the regular version. There is a subdued message in blue below the buy button that says "This product is not eligible for education discounts." The fact it is subdued is very confusing. The guys who do the web pages for Acrobat need to think about the perception by the user. Skip the buy button and make the message more visible (rather than trying to hide it in blue on black that some folks who are color blind probably can't even see. Poorly designed web sites seems to be the norm for Adobe to look pretty, rather than be easy to use.