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    closed captioning issues

    andrews15263888 Level 1

      I'm having some issues with importing an XML captioning file.  We have a service create XML captions for us.  Previously we have used other programs to convert the XML to an SCC and embed into a video file, however the conversion program is Windows-based and we're trying to eliminate that step since we're working on macs.


      When I import the XML, it all comes in fine, but the formatting of the captions gets screwed up. PPro seems to ignore all positional data in the file, or at least interprets it incorrectly, placing the captions at the top of the screen when they should be at the bottom.  Especially odd since PPro's default captioning seems to place captions at the bottom when I just create a new Closed Captioning file.  It also leaves out the background for the text.


      There's no way to format all the caption entries at once as far as I can tell... also, when I try to re-position a caption entry, it only seems to edit the 2nd line of text leaving the first at the top.


      All I want to do is import the XML, have it interpreted correctly, and export as an SCC sidecar file.


      I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2014, fully updated, on a Mac Pro running the Yosemite OS. XML imports as CEA-608 although in the XML file itself there is no specific standard coded in.


      Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.