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    How can I Stop Video in CC14 (not just pause)


      On my page 2 I have a video (Video1) and a button (click to return to page 1)


      My problem is this: If my video is playing and I click the 'click to return to page 1' button, the video continues to play in the background. The only work-around I have managed is this:

      on click:


      // This skips the video back to its start

      sym.$("Video1")[0].currentTime = sym.$("Video1")[0].currentTime + ((-100/100) * sym.$("Video1")[0].duration);


      // This then pauses the video track



      //Then sends me back to page 1


      Problem is, when I return (to page 2), "Video1" is at the start but has lost its Poster Image (which I need to show).

      Is there a simple way to fix this?