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    About TOC style add

    hamdifem Level 1



      We want to add TocStyleEntry to our TocStyle using javascript.


      However tocStyleEntries.add accept string not paragraphystyle and we're tried with paragraphystyle name too.


      We have tried these codes, none of them are working in our case. (exception thrown like this paragraphystyle name is wrong)


      1. tocStyleEntries.add(variableOfParagraphyStyle);
      2. tocStyleEntries.add(variableOfParagraphyStyle.name);
      3. tocStyleEntries.add("Name of the Paragrapy STYLE");
      4. tocStyleEntries.add("Name of the Paragrapy STYLE (It's folder)");


      How we can obtain (or format) the string that tocStyleEntries.add function accept?