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    script for nikon D3100 -  tethering???


      Does  anybody idea how tether nikon D3100?

      thank you

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          guhkloo19981832 Level 1
          1. If you haven't gotten the software already, go to the website of digicamcontrol, download, and install it.
          2. Connect the D3100 to the computer with a regular USB cable.
          3. Be sure your camera is on.
          4. Start up the software. It will recognize your camera.
          5. Go to the Compression option and select RAW + JPEG. If you don't use RAW, then just select JPEG.
          6. Set up your shot like you normally would. If you are learning, experiment. You won't know what will, and won't, work, until you try it.
          7. Locate the 'button' at the top right of the screen. That is what will trigger your camera.
          8. Click the button to take the photo. Here is a screenshot with a couple of images having been taken.
          9. Open it up with the external viewer.

          All Done!

          Get more assistant support from Nikon D3100 Manual.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            To continue the above post from  guhkloo19981832  :


            To automatically import the shots into Lightroom (as you shoot)-


            10. Lr {Menu>File>Auto Import / Settings}:  Set up a "Watched Folder" in the Lightroom Auto-import dialog.  (It must be empty!)

            11. Set up a "Destination Folder" in the Lightroom Auto-import dialog.  (This is where your photos will 'end up' in your hard-drive and catalog folders.

            12. Lr {Menu>File>Auto Import / Enable Auto Import}.

            13. In DigiCamControl, set the 'Session' folder location to be the same as the 'Watched Folder' as set in step 10..


            Done!  Now when you shoot photos, DigiCam will save them to the 'Watched Folder' , and Lightroom will automatically Import and move them to the 'Destination Folder'.


            My 'Watched Folder' is  F:\DIGICAM PICS...