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    Sony FE 28-70mm in camera + Lightroom lens correction = double correction or overcorrection?




      I have a Sony A7 with Sony FE 28-70mm kit lens. On the Sony A7, if i select "Shading Compensation" in the camera menu, the camera corrects vignetting in the saved raw file. I have experimented by taking two raw photos, with in camera Shading Compensation turned on and off. I then imported the photos into Lightroom. I then tried turning lens compensation (vignetting) on and off in Lightroom. This confuses me. In the first image (In camera ON and Lightroom correction ON) it looks like vignetting is completely gone. With in camera ON and Lightroom lens correction OFF, there is still clearly remaining vignetting. With in camera OFF and Lightroom ON there is also clearly remaining vignetting


      Can someone tell me what the recommended course of action is? Is the Sony in-camera lens correction worse or better than Lightroom? Neither the in-camera nor Lightroom's correction will correct vignetting completely on their own. Does that mean that the Lightroom correction is supposed to be used in tandem with the in camera correction to achieve full vignetting correction? There is lacking information/documentation of this feature, I have looked at both Sony A7 help guide and Adobes documentation about lens correction without finding any info about this situation.


      Thank you.