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    CC install on multiple systems, different owners.

    Jimmy3K Level 1

      I've been asked to clarify a question regarding CC2014 usage.


      Several users I support in a company have asked if they can install Creative Cloud 2014 on both their home computer and their WORK machines  using the credentials of their own personal accounts they presently have for HOME machines?


      While it falls under the "one device will be used at a time" and "two devices"  this likely does not apply as while they own their HOME machines, they do not own their WORK machines.


      Is it possible to use CC under this scenario or is this not something allowed by the EULA?

      Either way can anyone clarify the EULA where it's stated?

      I need to present the documentation from Adobe to the powers that be to either allow or be denied by law.


      thank's in advance.