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    media storage and archiving.




      A real newbie question here, but I thought I'd ask community of practice.


      Currently were working with projects and  ingesting all the media into a google drive so my team (there are two of us!) can work on the same project. I'm about to reach my machines HD limit with the media (I'm using a Thinkpad W540 with 512 Gb) and its time to reevaluate the way things are done.

      The media mainly stuff that will not be used again, but I'd still like the possibility to go back to old projects in the future. (the whole workflow is messy - projects files in the same folder as the media. the media has little meta data associated with it etc etc.)

      We try and turn projects around very quickly, and we are only now starting to realise the benefits of having organised media. I fear however that my mess may continue unless we change our workflow soon!

      I do have a couple of 1TB  externals kicking around, that I could use to archive, but I'm concerned how hard it will be to return to and re-link all the media for the projects.


      Can someone recommend where I should start looking so I can find a solution so I can:


      • Continue to work together on shared projects (we do have creative cloud team licenses)
      • Archive or store media (and projects) so it is easy to go back and re-work them at a later date.
      • recommend a methodical way to ingest,  store and tag media.


      Many thanks, and apologies again for what I suppose is a "straight forward" question.