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    Configuration Error (16). No version of After Effects works on PC.


      I've been receiving 'Error:16' every single time I've tried to use After Effects on my PC. It reads "Please uninstall and reinstall the product. If the problem still occurs... blah blah blah." I own a copy of AE CS5.5 in physical form and I first receive this error while trying to make it work. Then, I tried installing a trial to CC to see if it was just an issue with my copy. With no luck the last 5 or so uninstalls, reinstalls, and restarts, I've caved in and am looking for help from the community. I can provide details (i.e. running Windows 8 Pro, 1 SSD & 1 HDD, etc.) so long as it helps me fix this issue because I want to get back to editing videos.