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    Web Service & XML

    emmim44 Level 1
      Hi all.
      Somehow I am not able to run my web service...here is the invoke page my code.
      webservice=" http://bt2bcm:8500/comp.cfc?wsdl"
      returnvariable="aString" >
      <cfinvokeargument name="url1" value="Hello"/>
      <cfinvokeargument name="url2" value="World"/>

      =======And CFC=========
      <cfcomponent hint="OutPut Url Values" >
      <cffunction name="myFunction" access="remote" returntype="string">
      <cfargument name="url1" type="string" required="no">
      <cfargument name="url2" type="string" required="no">

      <!---cfif arguments.url1 eq "" and arguments.url2 eq "">
      Please enter a url variable value <cfabort>

      <cfreturn url1&url2>

      The message I am getting is :

      Variable ASTRING is undefined.

      The error occurred in D:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\t.cfm: line 18

      16 :
      17 : <cfoutput>
      18 : #aString#
      19 : </cfoutput>
      20 : </body>