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    help with class...

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      Ok - I have a class which moves stuff around based on a whole bunch of parameters. It's a pretty slick class and I use it all the time. I'm trying to build in another function, however, that I've run into writers block with. The code is below, and you can find it at this address.

      The deal is, the class works by creating a movie clip withing the movie clip that moves around. The innermost movie clip is then given an onEnterFrame event, and a set of variables such that it can move it's parent around until it gets where it wants to go... at which point it deletes itself.

      Since there can be multiple interior clips (ie, the movie clip moving on both the _x and _y properties as in the example) each interior clip is named uniquely with the parameter it controls as the last part of the movie clip name. I want the control to tell the movie clip to stop on a given parameter or just stop everything.

      So. basically, i want to use a for( in ) statement or something like it to cycle through all the movie clips inside the clip passed to the function, and if the name starts with the right string and sProperty is undefined, delete it anyway... Hopefully you get the idea. Any tips?

      here's the code for the funciton:

      public function end(mcClip:MovieClip, sProperty:String):Void {
      delete mcClip["destination" + sProperty];
      delete mcClip["_mcSwoosh" + sProperty].onEnterFrame;
      mcClip["_mcSwoosh" + sProperty].removeMovieClip();