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    Convertig to CMYK when exporting PDF — Will Id reconvert the CMYK links as well or not?

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there,


      I would like to ask to ensure I understand the exporting process well:


      Imagine this scenario: Mixture of linked PSDs & JPEGs (CMYK & RGB) to .indd. I will keep them as they are and convert to cmyk when exporting PDF. The profile choosen for conversion (not embeded, preserve numbers) is FOGRA39. The output module will export all RGBs to CMYK before inserting them to PDF. But what about the links which are in CMYK already? Will they remain untouched, when the converting algorithm find out they are already in CMYK or will be chewed again?


      I am asking because I have bunch of small images, where some slight color shift during conversion does not really matter. But I have also a few full-page PSDs, which I would like to convert to CMYK manually in Ps and I don't want them to be converted again during export of the final PDF. I assume, that when I will use the same destination profile (FOGRA39), they should be embeded to PDF untouched. But I am not sure.


      What do you thing about it?


      Thank you in advance guys!