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    how do i keep the background of a picture transparent in PE 10?

    27sirena del mar

      i've created and/or altered my pictures in Photoshop Elements 10.  Most have a transparent background.  i will give them color with a background in PrE10, but i can't kind the key that keeps transparency. where is it?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          27sirena del mar


          If you create an object on a transparent background in Photoshop Elements 10, you maintain that transparency when the file is imported into Premiere Elements by saving the Photoshop elements 10 image Save as png or psd file.


          If, because of a mistake along the way,  you end up in Premiere Elements 10 with a solid color background (black or other), you should be able to convert that black color or solid color to transparency in Premiere Elements 10 using Edit Header/Effects/Video Effects/Keying/Chroma Key. You drag the Chroma Key effect into your Timeline clip, and then edit the Chroma Key in Edit Effects/ Properties Palette/Chroma Key Panel expanded.


          Remember that Premiere Elements uses black to represent transparency, so you should always distinguish between the color black and black being used to represent transparency.

          If you Save png or psd in Photoshop Elements 10 and import that into Premiere Elements 10 project, then you should be working with the black as transparency in Premiere Elements 10.


          Any questions or need clarification, please do not  hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            27sirena del mar Level 1

            i'm not sure if i can reply from my e-mail, but here it goes.  if it's against the rules, let me know. 

            i did understand your explanation well.  i already closed the programs so i'm going to try it in the morning.

            however, i do have a question about Photoshp Elements 10 (which i left in the forum earlier)  how can i save transparent files to import in Premer.  i'm working on creating an animation scene which has 5 layer.  how can i from the layered file save the different layer to folder, to import to Premier?  i would like to spread the layers into various video tracks to give movement to the ones that need movement, but keeping stills the others.

            i hope i explained myself clearly.


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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              27sirena del mar


              Thank you for the reply.


              I need to think about this, but my first impression is this....


              If you go with the Photoshop Elements 10 Save As png or psd to maintain the transparency in the layers of the Layers Palette, that is going to come into Premiere Elements 10 as a flattened file with

              the transparency of the flattened content maintained.

              If you take the Photoshop Elements 10 Layers Palette through File Menu/Save For Web to create the animated gif, you will end up with a whole animated video but the transparency

              should be maintained  in its import into Premiere Elements 10 - but no separate layers.


              I am not sure if you are looking for

              a. Save As each layer in the Photoshop Elements 10 Layers Palette as a png or psd. Save each to the same folder. And, with appropriate naming keep them in sequence

              in the folder.

              b. Then import the whole folder into Premiere Elements 10 and drag the folder to the Timeline. When the folder arrives to the Timeline, the result will be your each layer as png or psd

              in sequence on the Timeline.


              Please review and consider. Please let me know if I have targeted what you seek.


              Thank you.




              Add On...if you are OK on the above, then we can get into the subject of how to export your Timeline content with transparency and maintain the transparency in the export.