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    Extendscript Usage

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      Sorry for a newbie question.  I have looked everywhere, read everything I can find, but I don't seem to find what I would think would be the correct way to develop/test with Extendscript.  If I just try to run Javascript in Extendscript, the objects are mostly undefined.  Sure, if I save and run the script from the targeted application -- InDesign -- it will run and I can come back to Extendscript to see the debugging output.  Is that really the way it has to be done?  There must be some setting that would let Extendscript communicate with the Javascript Engine that is open and waiting to run in the target application.  How do I make that happen?

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          tcorbet Level 1

          #target directive accomplishes the needed inter-app communication.


          I was never able to find the description of how/when to use that directive in any of the Adobe docs, but it pops out of a solution to other problems on StackOverlfow..

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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In ESTK, top-left, there's a dropdown: select your target app from there.


            #target is also fine. It is documented in the Javascript Tools Guide,

            which is available from the Help menu of the ESTK.