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    Glitchy Frame Playback




      I am currently using the trial of Adobe CC, and am using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. So far, I am digging the program and will definitely subscribe to CC when I can focus on filmmaking more in the summer months.


      My problem: During playback of some selected areas on my timeline, there's this weird playback glitch. The shot cuts to another shot, and then maybe half a second into the 2nd shot the is a single frame from the first shot that pops up for a single frame, then disappears.


      I have a excellent Dell Desktop with GTX graphics and 16gb RAM. And yes, I rendered everything.


      Any suggestions for this weird playback glitch?


      I have attached a image sequence a example of this glitch (Composed of exported frames from Premiere). The glitch isn't in a export, but it is very annoyingly present in the playback in Premiere.