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    IDML Fatal Errors

    Sarankup Level 1



      I generate few IDML files in various computers. I just reopen the IDML back in InDesign (without editing anything in the IDML). InDesign always crash. I validate the IDML using the IDML validator along with IDML-Schema provided in the Adobe SDK. It throws many instance the below error. If InDesign exports the IDML then it is InDesign responsibility to make it valid to IDML Schema.


      Stories\Story_u5f5.xml:47550:116: error: element "XMLElement" not allowed in this context


      How reliable that I can open the IDML back in InDesign?

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          [Ravi Kiran] Adobe Employee

          Hi Saravanan,


          Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue.

          We'd like to see what's going on & work to find a resolution.

          Please put a sample .indd file (& any assets used in the offending file) in a folder and share that folder location with us at sharewithid@adobe.com.



          Adobe InDesign team

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            Sarankup Level 1

            Dear Ravi Kiran,


            Many thanks. What I have found so far is that,


            I have imported a XML document and saved as "without_placeElement.indd", when I export this as IDML and it open well back to me. (In this case root element is associated with a textframe)

            I have imported a XML document, and place one of element called "noteGroup" into a separate textframe. (In this case root element is associated with a textframe). I have saved this document as "with_placeElement.indd". If I export this document as IDML and open it back, InDesign crash.


            What I have understood is that, if we use any place element option, the IDML does not work. Without this Place XML feature, XML typesetting is not possible. We create more than 100 documents per day, and ever document might need this feature. I saved both files in Google drive and share to the email ID.


            Greatly appreciated your help in this.