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    datagrid with horizontal scrollbar needs vertical scrollbar always visible

      I have a tall and wide datagrid with lots of columns and rows, and I don't want to shrink any column widths so I have set horizontalScrollPolicy="on" for the Application and verticalScrollPolicy="on" for the data grid, and that nearly gives me the behavior I want. The one problem is the vertical scrollbar is only visible if you scroll all the way to the right with the horizontal scrollbar. My users would like the vertical scrollbar to always be visible at the right edge of the visible portion of the datagrid. I've tried setting verticalScrollPolicy="on" for the Application, but I can't seem to get the Application to recognize the full size of the data in the datagrid, it only resizes as per the viewable area of the datagrid. Any ideas on how I can make a vertical scrollbar that will scroll the datagrid always visible?