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    How to replace PP sequence with multiple AEP comps in one go?


      Hi guys,


      Is there a way to import a Premiere Pro Sequence into AE with each clip and audio being in a different comp as opposed to one comp with multiple video tracks?


      I currently have to do each video one by one, as they are to be split up amongst a team of people. each taking a few different comps to work on, and was wondering if instead of having to click replace with After Effects Composition 60 odd times there was a way to do the whole sequence in one go? The audio is always cut to the exact length of the shot. I've tried importing I've tried File > Import > Adobe Premiere Pro Project and choosing the sequence, and it comes in one comp, I've tried highlighting the entire project in PP and and clicking replace W/AEC. Any ideas? Or am I stuck doing it manually?


      Also is there a way in AE to set an automated naming sequence, for instance if the AEP is called AA001 is there a way to set AE to automatically name new imported compositions AA001 Linked Comp 01, 02, 03 etc?


      I'm running the latest CC14 versions of both programs and work on a Mac.


      Thanks for any help you can give,