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    radioButton, getURL, through radioGroups

      I'm going to make this s short as possible

      here is the page that it will be used on


      then choose engine packages

      what i am tring to do is have the vistor answer the 4 most important
      questions, versus seeing a list of 80 engines.

      I'm very limited in action script, but my thoughts are that you can do something along these lines

      function getengines() {
      getURL(buttoninstance.getData()radioGroup1,radioGroup2,radioGroup3,radioGroup4 "Content");

      getengines=button Click Handler
      buttoninstance=Button Instance Name
      Content=HTML Frame Name

      The data value for each button would be a part of the address that it will build depending on the selected radio buttons.

      i.e. Small Block Chevy would have a
      then Race would have a value of=race
      then blown=blown
      then finally Carburetor=carb.html

      so the value sent would be=


      Then of course it would open the html built page in the frame named "Content"

      tell me if it's worth my time to pursue this or try to get php-nuke or a cart software to work instead.