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    How to use string variabel in xml parse call ?

      Hi you can find many samples on the net how to search for specifik xml nodes. So for instance you can find a node in the xml structure below here by using this statement where you find a book with ISBN=1590595181:


      This is very smart but is it possible somehow to use a variabel string instead of a hardcoded string "1590595181". For instance i tried:

      var str:String = "1590595181";

      where i use {} around the variabel, but it doesn't work. Is it possible to use such a variabel somehow?

      private var myBooks:XML =

      <book ISBN="1590595181">
      <title>Foundation ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move</title>
      <author>Keith Peters</author>

      <amazonUrl> http://tinyurl.com/npuxt</amazonUrl>

      <book ISBN="1582346194">
      <title>Send in the Idiots: Stories from the Other Side of Autism</title>

      <author>Kamran Nazeer</author>
      <amazonUrl> http://tinyurl.com/lo5ts</amazonUrl>