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    Captivate and Vista

      I'm having a problem recording using Captivate on my Vista OS from my mic jack on my PC. I updated my OS to Vista and captivate stop recording (picks up no sounds in captivate only).

      My Mic works, because I can record to Sony Sound forge 8.0. Anyone have any suggestions?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi naborshood

          Captivate doesn't work with Vista yet. Hopefully it will later this year. If you are able to do everything but record audio, I suggest recording the audio using a different application, save it from the other application, then import the file for use with Captivate.

          And for you and others here that are early Vista adopters, I would strongly suggest submitting a WishForm asking for Vista compatibililty by clicking here.

          Cheers... Rick