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    File Upload Incomplete?

    buabco Level 1

      I've implemented a fileUpload Successfully with the FIleReference Object, but I haven't been able to find anywhere in the documentation a way to get the server response, in the URLRequest object you get a data property with the server response, but FileReference has no such proporty.

      How do I know the server answer for the upload?

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          buabco Level 1
          OK Found the answer and since it was a dificult one I'm posting it here, I read this in feed-squirrel.com and try it and works... it's not documented since it only came in the last update:

          Formal documentation should arrive with the next authoring release, but to use this functionality for now, add an event listener to “uploadCompleteData”. Your callback function will receive an event with a “data” property that contains the server’s response. For example:

          myFileReference.upload(new URLRequest(PATH_TO_YOUR_SCRIPT));

          function callbackFunction(e:Event):void {

          For public applications, be sure to detect the client’s player for the 28 minor release.