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    What are the requirements to build a live video chat application?

    jpwrunyan Level 1
      I am looking into making a live video chat application. I have seen several examples on the web so my question is not "how" to do it. My question is "what do I need" to do it?

      It seems that all the examples use Flex Data Services and then some sort of back-end communication server. The cost of FDS is well beyond what the client can afford so my question is: is it necessary? Is there a way to build this sort of application without FDS? Can I get live video streaming to work using only what is in the SDK? I know nothing about data streaming, real-time communication, etc. and have no idea how to implement this outside what I have seen in the online articles so far.

      If there are any other forums that are more appropriate to this question, please direct me there. It is not a FDS exclusive issue and I am just starting to look into it. I am starting here because we would like to use Flash Player for the client-side application.