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    Features of Adobe Pro X/Indesign time stamped signature?


      I have adobe pro x as well as adobe indesign and I am working on a Mac.  I am creating legal liability forms that require a signature.  The documents need to hold up in court. I am looking at services from companies such as docusign, silanis and Adobe echosign for this.


      I am having a hard time understanding the exact nature or offering of the "timestamp signature" features in adobe pro x and adobe indesign.  I am wondering if a similar timestamped signature service already comes with the two adobes I have or if I should contract with the previously mentioned outside services.


      If the desired features I am looking for are included in the two services I have can you please help descibe what they are and how to use them in which adobe platform (adobe pro X or indesign?)


      Hope you are having a great friday and thanks a bunch.

      Robin W