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    AE crashing like crazy

    yash-lucid Level 1

      Since I opened up a 5 year old project that a client asked to have redone with some changes, AE CC 2014 keeps crashing.


      The project uses some instances of color finnesse which is now unlicensed and still in there somewhere, but unchecked. Otherwise it's a very simple 3D layered file which just keeps crashing. I am using windows 8 and that means that unlike other versions, I just cannot end a program without rebooting. When I do, like the last 3 of 8 reboots, cache/preferences goes away and render time stacks up again.


      Please help. My system is an i7 4930K with 32GB RAM, OS/APPS off a 540 PRO SSD, AE File  on a 128 GB SSD and scratching to another 256 SSD.