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      if you make a director project, what is the right way to " test " it, to be sure that
      it will run on all systems (win95, Win98....Xp) without any missing..?

      is it important to setup all these systems on my pc..? or there is another easy way?

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          You could use something like VMware to create virtual machines for each
          OS. So you would have one physical computer running, say Windows Vista,
          and have a virtual machine for each other OS you wanted to test, 95, 98,
          ME, XP, etc.

          If your computer has enough memory, you could even run them all together
          can copy files between them using a built in virtual network.

          Now that will only test for operating system support, there can still be
          problems with specific hardware... for instance some sound cards or
          drivers may have a problem with your program and this would not address
          that issue. But there is no way to really address that without having
          an infinite amount of computers with every combination of hardware...