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    How to prevent text boxes from jumbling together when exporting to html and changing window size?

    michael.waite Level 1

      I am trying to create a web based app. On the cover page there a picture as the background. On the top of the page is a title text box. below it there are 4 buttons with text boxes next to the buttons.


      When I export this page, what I want to happen is have the text boxes, buttons, and title to stay in the same area, the text remain the same size, and a scroll bar to appear when the html window gets too small.


      When exporting, I have these options selected:

      Page Format: Liquid (which is mandatory)

      Text Rendering: HTML with Web-Safe Fallback Font (Both HTML options seem to help but not exactly what I want)

      Device Viewpoint Zoom: Let In5 Choose

      Application Cache: Cache all



      I'm basically trying to make an app that mimicks an internet browser, in terms of when you resize the browser, the text stays the same size but a scroll bar appears when the window is too small; and the words (text boxes) don't interfere with each other.


      Please help! Thank you!