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    Lost my projects

    AnahidMA Level 1

      First - recently purchased RH v11, after using 8 for many years. But that has nothing to do with this issue.


      Due to a series of catastrophic events, I lost my VMware drive (where I create my content) and my backup drive as well. I do have a backup on an external drive from about 8 months ago. I create content locally, then publish to a webserver for our users to view over our intranet.


      I pulled the content down from my webserver, but there is no .xpj file. Old backup has a lot of extra folders (under !SSL!, WebHelp, WebHelp_Pro), which I'm thinking are unnecessary. So - thinking of the following, and wondering what people might advise is best:

      1. Use the old files from the backup and recreate data. I think I'd shoot myself.
      2. Copy everything under each project from the backup into the projects I downloaded from the webserver into my old local folders, but don't overwrite any existing files
      3. Any other suggestions? No, we can't get back the old drive, and yes - tried to get the recent backup, it's gone