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    Time capsule path keeps changing in Lightroom 5


      I am having issues with the pathname to my time capsule changing between imports in Lightroom.

      I am using a mac laptop, with solid state drive which is small, so I have my catalog on my laptop hard drive and all the photos are stored on my time capsule (wireless connection).

      I am finding that Lightroom looses the path for lots of my photos, and I get the exclamation mark, even though I have always been  importing my photos to the same location on the time capsule.  I discovered that the problem is that the path to the folder keeps chaning.

      eg. Data\photography\lightroom warehouse but if I choose where to put the import each time it gives me recent options of 18-Data\photography\lightroom warehouse, or 22-Data\photography\lightroom warehouse.


      Has anyone else had this issue of numbers being added (and therefore the path changing) to the "Data" folder on their time capsule?

      I don't know if it is my mac that is adding the numbers to the "Data" folder in the path or if it is lightroom.

      When I go into Finder and go to the "Data" folder on the time capsule, I never see the numbers, it always just appears as "Data", it is only in lightroom where I see the different numbers on the "Data" folder.


      I often also have issues connecting to the time capsule, it always says it is there in finder, but I often have to restart and it seems to connect properly then.